C-2A(R) Grumman Greyhound BuNo 162170

C-2A(R) BuNo 162170 of the Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 110 (VAW-110) Firebirds at El Centro. Boerries Burkhardt Collection


C-2A(R) BuNo 162170. Paul Newman Photo


C-2A(R) BuNo 162170 of the VRC-40 as RW-35 in February 1992. Joe Cupido Photo, Boerries Burkhardt Collection. 


C-2A(R) BuNo 162170 of the at NAF Atsugi, Japan based VRC-30 DET 5. A close view to the tail and rudder of the Grumman. Rodger Kelly Photo.


C-2A(R) BuNo 162170 with the special U.S. Department of the NAVY Energy Security sticker.  Yes, I got the model decal, too.