The best images of the C-2A

C-2A(R) BuNo 162171 of the VRC-30 in 2005. Paul Newman Collection

C-2A(R) BuNo 162163 VRC-30 PROVIDER at NAS North Island September 1991. Boerries Burkhardt Collection

VAW-120 C-2A(R)

C-2A(R) BuNo 162157 with the VAW-120. The aircraft had blue lettering and the old squadron insignia. Paul Newman Collection May 1995.

C-2A(R) BuNo 162161 VRC-30 Provider November 1991. Paul Newman Collection.

C-2A(R) BuNo 162149 RG - 423 of the VRC-50 FOO DOG in 1986. Paul Newman Collection