The best images of the C-2A

C-2A BuNo 152794 of the VRC-30 back in 1987. Paul Newman Collection.

C-2A(R) BuNo 162149 RG - 423 of the VRC-50 FOO DOG in 1986. Paul Newman Collection

C-2A BuNo 152789 RW-425 VRC-50 Foo Dog landing at NAS Atzugi 1976. Barrio Baretto Bomber sticker over door. Boerries Burkhardt Collection.


C-2A BuNo 152789 RW-425 VRC-50 Foo Dog on board the carrier USS ENTERPRISE in 1986. Paul Newman Collection.


 C-2A(R) BuNo 162147 RG - 421 of the VRC-50 Foo Dog in 1996. Paul Newman Collection.



C-2A(R) BuNo 162147 VRC-40 RAWHIDES in Nashville May 21, 2013. Photo by Antonio More (

C-2A BuNo 152797 of the VRC-50 in the UK. 1977 Boerries Burkhardt Collection

The aircraft has a name but can't read complete: 'PO' CITY EXPRESS