Update March 12, 2017

According original Grumman Data, I started the fueselage between FS 106.093 and FS 601. FS 569 is only for your information. I have to modify other sections as I'm not so pleased with some surface structure.

Update March 4, 2017

The C-2A Grumman Greyhound has four rudders / Tail. Three are working while on, no. 2 is fixed for stabilisation.


Another nice view of the fowler type flaps of the C-2A.


Shown is the cargo area of the C-2A in original data from the builders manual.


With the Reproduced C-2A the Maximum Caged Cargo increased for 187 cu ft.


A great task, desin the wings of the C-2A. This is my first step. More will follow.