Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 110 (VAW-110), nicknamed the "Firebirds", was an aviation unit of the United States Navy based at NAS Miramar. The Firebirds were a training squadron for the E-2 Hawkeyes. Established as RVAW-110 on April 20, 1967 than redesignated to VAW-110 on May 1, 1983. It was discommisioned in September 30, 1994.
The Firebirds were flying the E-1B Tracer (RVAW-110), C-2A Greyhound and E-2 Hawkeye aircraft. The last deployment with the E-1B was aboard the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71) in 1977. All from Grumman Iron Works. 


Bruce C. Thompson  Collection        



C-2A(R) Grumman Greyhound  C-2A(R) Grumman Greyhound  C-2A(R) Grumman Greyhound  C-2A(R) Grumman Greyhound  C-2A(R) Grumman Greyhound
NJ-310  NJ -311 NJ - 312 NJ - 312 NJ - 312
162163 C-2A(R) 162164 C-2A(R)  162162 C-2A(R)  162162 C-2A(R) 162167 C-2A(R)


 C-2A(R) Grumman Greyhound C-2A(R) Grumman Greyhound       
NJ - 313  NJ - 601      
162171 C-2A(R)  162170 C-2A(R)      


The second aircraft of the VAW-110 has many similar parts. The C-2A "mother" aircraft E-2.



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