VAW-110 FIREBIRDS        




BuNo Type Squadron C-2A BuNo (Modex/Side Number) AIRCRAFT CARRIER REMARKS
158643 E-2B RVAW-110 NJ-343   additional blue strip at cockpit
159496 E-2B  VAW-110 NJ-321    
159501 E-2C VAW-110 NJ-344   additional blue stripe at cockpit
161225 E-2C   NJ-320    
161226 E-2C VAW-110 NJ-341    
161228 E-2C VAW-110 NJ-324    




RVAW-110 E-2B BuNo 158643


E-2B BuNo 159496



E-2C Hawkeye BuNo 159501 of the VAW-110. Boerries Burkhardt Collection.


E-2C BuNo 161225