39486The DET 2 is the second of 5 detachement of the VRC-30 squadron. It is attached to an aircraft carrier.



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1994 USS CONSTELLATION (CV-64) ( 3 ) 20 / 162146 (36 ) COMAEWWINGPAC LT Whiteaker; LT Brockett; LT Cobb; LT Merriman; LTJG Yaroch
1996 USS CONSTELLATION (CV-64) ( 11 ) (RW-20) / (RW-36) WESTPAC  
1997 USS KITTY HAWK (CV-63) ( 4 )  162173 (NH-20) / 1621XX (RW-24) WESTPAC  LCDR Lycan;LT Donelly; LT Faucheux; LT Frohne; LT Hubert; LT Thureson; LTJG Russel
1999 USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70) ( 5 ) (31) / (37) WESTPAC LCDR Margeson ; LT Dimke; LT Leslie; LT Glaze; LT Reynolds; LT Hubert; LT White
2001 USS CONSTELLATION (CV-64) ( 6 ) 162167 (RW-34) / 1621XX (XX)   CDR Bentley; LT Harris; LT Jutesen; LT Lanier; LT Leslie; LT Reynolds; LT Asman  
2002 USS CONSTELLATION (CV-64) ( 7 ) 162176 C-2A(R) (21) / 162162 C-2A(R) (22)   LCDR Alves; LT Justesen; LT Langston; LT Johnston; LT Lanier; LT Asman; LT Harris; LTJG Antinora
2004-05 USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72) ( 10 ) 16216X (20) /   LCDR Marlar
2010-11 USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72) ( 9 ) 162166  / (22) / (31) WESTPAC LCDR Kluttz; LT Caldwell; LCDR Hirte; LT Hrynkiw; LT Schlegel
2011-12 USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72) ( 8 ) (37) / (42)   LCDR Brenner; LT Delong; LT Hrynkiw; LT Kohlmann; LT Popejoy; LT Tomlinson
2015 USS RONALD REGAN (CVN-76) ( 12 )   CSG-9  
2016 USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70) ( 13 )   CSG-1  
2017 USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70) ( 14 )   CSG-1  


The VRC-30 DET 2 was the first detachment who routinely fly night carrier operation. ( 3 )

Detachment TWO conducted a unique "Southern Seas" deployment with Carrier Air Wing TWO (CVW-2) and Carrier Strike Group NINE (CSG-9) aboard the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN-73) departing from Naval Air Station North Island in September 2015 and flying off of the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN-73) in December 2015. The detachment worked from seven Forward Logistics Sites in Panama, Columbia, Chile, Brazil, and Puerto Rico, while also conducting logistics support missions in Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and the Bahamas. In the FOURTH Fleet area of responsibilities (AOR), Detachment TWO supported UNITAS PAC, UNITAS LANT and Operation Blue Sky V by moving high priority parts, cargo, mail, personnel and notable distinguished visitors including several U.S. Ambassadors and high ranking foreign military members. Among the DVs was The Honorable Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy. The detachment flew 186 sorties totaling 334.7 hours and transported 435 distinguished visitors, 1,342 passengers, 277,580 pounds of cargo, 15,450 pounds of mail, and performed 9 lifesaving medical evacuation/emergency leave missions with an overall 98 percent sortie completion rate. Additionally, Detachment TWO planned and executed a Pan-American mission spanning 4,500 miles from Houston, Texas to Santiago, Chile to replace a C-2A aircraft. Based on the rigorous training of Fleet Logistics aircrews, Detachment TWO was able to quickly and precisely coordinate with foreign embassies the necessary clearances to fly into several unfamiliar airfields along the route to refuel and rest. The knowledge and adaptability of the aircrew was essential to completing the flight and enabling CVW-2 to fulfill their mission requirements. Detachment TWO will deploy once again in 2017. ( 1 )

Previous information: (Archive)

Detachment TWO recently completed a very successful deployment with Carrier AIRWING TWO aboard USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) in support of Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and NEW DAWN in the North Arabian Sea. The Detachment flew a total of 316 flight hours while safely transporting 2313 passengers, 522 distinguished visitors, over 400,000 pounds of high priority cargo, and 127,000 pounds of mail between ship and shore over the course of the six month deployment.

The Detachment TWO Roughnecks completed an outstanding year of cruise works-ups and carrier qualification detachment throughout their IDTC training cycle in preparation for the final WESTPAC deployment of the USS CONSTELLATION in November 2002. Technicians performed 2483 maintenance actions on their two C-2 aircraft. This enabled Detachment TWO to fly over 800 hours with a 99% sortie completion rate carrying over 835,000 pounds of cargo and 3600 passengers and Distinguished Visitors while participating in Operations Southern Watch and Iraqi Freedom. As Detachment TWO, as part of the larger Provider team, help to ensure that the operational requirements of three carrier strike groups were met by assisting both Detachment ONE and Detachment FIVE during Operation Iraqi Freedom. ( 2 )

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